Sensei Antonio Ferrer started his martial arts career in 1969 at the age of fourteen in South Florida under the tutelage of Sensei Peter Straughbal. After Sensei Straughbal departed to Okinawa as a Peace Core volunteer, Mr. Ferrer trained with Robert Trias, John Pachivas and Larry Pemillio in Shito-Ryu in North Miami. 

In 1973 Mr. Ferrer started his training in Nisei Goju-Ryu under Sensei Herbie Thompson where he obtained his Shodan in 1975. Mr. Ferrer taught and trained in South Florida until 1992 when he moved to Jupiter, Florida where he continued his training in Nisei Goju-Ryu with Grand Master Frank Ruiz.
Mr. Ferrer moved to Maryland in 1998 to fulfill his duties as Outside Plant Engineering Manager with AT&T for the Maryland and DC area. Mr. Ferrer now owns Warriors of Grace Karate and teaches full time the art of Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do in Severn, MD under the direction of Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, Canada, and Sensei Morio Higaonna of Okinawa, Japan. 
Mr. Ferrer currently holds a sixth-degree Black belt in Nisei Goju and a fourth-degree in Okinawa Goju Ryu and is an accredited instructor under IOGKF. Mr. Ferrer’s professional career includes engineering with BellSouth, Outside Plant director AT&T Local Services for Maryland and Washington DC, Outside plant director North East region for ARBROS Communications and owner of TFC Construction LLC underground utility construction and fiber optics splicing company. 

In April 2007 Mr. Ferrer opened Warriors of Grace Karate in Millersville, Maryland, in the Annapolis area to teach Okinawan Goju Ryu full time. In May 2008 the school moved to its present location in Severn, Maryland.
Carol Lamb | Manager, Instructor | Shodan-Ho
Noelle McManus | Instructor | Nidan
I started karate when I was sixteen years old and started working for the dojo about a year later. I began by cleaning almost every day of the week and then started volunteering with children's class. I struggled with shyness so my beginnings involved helping by moving bags, handing out shields, and hiding in the corner! Through Sensei's mentoring, I grew in confidence and began leading small segments of class. After I graduated High School, my role at the dojo grew and I came on the teaching staff. I earned my first degree black belt in 2013; three years later I earned my second degree. My karate family has celebrated these achievements with me, as well as the other joys in my life. They have continuously supported my other passion, art through attending my art shows as well as commissioning works from me to grace dojo. They also rejoiced with me at my wedding to my husband Sam in 2017. I now am the head of the children's program at the dojo, and I strive to instill in them what karate has done for me- confidence, humility, strength, courage, kindness, persistence, along with the hunger to always improve oneself.
Laurel Faust | Instructor | San Dan
John Ballard | Instructor | Shodan
Kes Ferrer | Specialized Instructor | Shodan-Ho
Josiah Tillett | Instructor | Shodan
Jeff Newman | Assistant Instructor | 3rd Kyu
Adrian Bouyer | Assistant Instructor | 5th Kyu
Evan Crane | Assistant Instructor | Junior Black Belt
Eric Ballard | Assistant Instructor | Junior Black Belt
Christopher Nance | Assistant Instructor | Junior Black Belt
Nathaniel Navales | Assistant Instructor | 4th Kyu
Gwen Hawk | Assistant Instructor | 1st Kyu
Being a student at Warriors of Grace Karate has shaped my sense of identity, purpose, value, and most of all, confidence. Being a sempai has solidified all these things even more for me, because helping to teach is such an important part of learning. Watching the kids pick up new skills so efficiently and effectively shows that passing karate and character training on to the next generation is vital. I am currently on the road to become a children's speech pathologist, and in the meantime, I spend as much time with learning from kids as I can.
Andrew Hawk | Assistant Instructor | Junior Black Belt
I am fifteen years old and have been a student at Warriors of Grace since 2013. My name is Andrew Hawk and I have grown not only in strength, but in work ethic, confidence, and respect at Warriors of Grace Karate. I started assisting in classes in 2015 and have a passion for helping others strive for excellence through karate. Outside of karate I like reading, computer programming, listening to music, and playing bass guitar.

So what do you want to get out of martial arts training? Everyone has a reason for their interest in the martial arts. It''s important to know your objectives and your options, so that you can have a positive experience and get the most out of your training. The following are typical reasons individuals pursue training in martial arts:
Fitness, Health, Family, Involvement with Children, Self Defense, Interest in Traditional or Cultural Arts, Full Contact/Combat Sports/MMA

At WARRIORS OF GRACE KARATE, Sensei Tony Will Be Glad To Help You Explore Your Martial Arts Interests And Fitness Objectives.

What kind of school is suited to you? Do you just want to get in shape and have some fun? Are you looking for a school where you can train with your kids? Do Japanese or Chinese martial arts traditions appeal to you? Are you looking to step in the ring to compete? Decide which of these best describes your ideal school. The focus of the school is more important than the style, although there is some correlation between the two. At our school we following some basic teaching principles in the style of Okinawan Goju Ryu:
1. First and foremost, we are a character development school. Good character traits are the foundation for success in all areas of life.

2. Second we teach physical fitness. Warriors of Grace Karate is a place where any child at any age and physical ability can excel. The habits, traits and physical development gained through karate enhance all aspects of life, as well as any sport.

3. Third, we teach self-defense. The first and most important line of defense is developing nice, gentle, kind, respectful, courteous yet very strong, assertive young people. We use a layered defense system. We start by building up a child's confidence and courage to stand up for themselves and say NO! Then we arm them with the various tools of self-defense.
"To provide a unique family oriented karate school, grounded in the teachings of Christ, that challenges everyone to become whole and healthy, while developing into kind, loving people of strong morals and character. This is primarily accomplished by challenging each individual to reach their highest potential physically, mentally, and spiritually, while humbly offering their lives for a higher purpose. Ours is not a solitary endeavor. We strive to bring out the best in each other by speaking the truth in love. While we are always striving to “be” black belts, we will maintain a white belt attitude by being always open to learn."
- Dojo Mission
'We are so pleased with Warriors of Grace. We appreciate the values that are being taught in addition to the martial art itself. The atmosphere is a perfect blend of respect and professionalism, while still being a fun atmosphere for the kids. Sensei Tony has been wonderful to work with and we are blessed to be a part of his "karate family".
- Dave and Vicky Burtis
Warriors of Grace dojo has a warm, close-knit feel, like family. The higher level instructors and student teachers convert serious teaching into fun and it is obvious that the kids enjoy themselves as they learn the disciplines, coordination, confidence, and overall attitude required to advance – both in karate and life.
- Shari Allen
I personally love to see the shining faces of the little kids when they have no idea what they are in for if they stick with karate, and all of the dedicated people who have donated so much of their time to help this community.There could not be a better place.
- Julia, Millersville, MD
Hi Tony,
Warriors of Grace Karate is one of the best things that has happened to our family. Nate has thoroughly enjoyed his time since starting the Golden Dragons in September 2009. Nate has learned valuable lessons such as confidence, self-discipline, and focus. While, I have learned patience and a deeper introspection since starting the Adult program in December 2009. I recommend Warriors of Grace to every person that I know. It has become an extension of our family and one that we are proud to be apart of. I just want to take this time to say thank you and as long as your doors are open, you will have 2 students always ready and willing to learn.
- Tom Quinn, MD
AWESOME - Warriors Of Grace has changed my life since Feb of 2008. I am more confident, I am in much better physical shape, I am learning to focus, I am learning to teach, I have found a stronger faith in God. Sensei Tony and Sensei Jim are great teachers and mentors and the students are like family.
- Sean, Millersville, MD
We are glad we found Warriors of Grace Karate, Mason had been asking to join karate for a year. It has been a very positive experience for him, he looks up to Sensei and sees everyone there as a role model. Our goals for him have been met thus far, and this is something he can continue to practice for years to come. Thanks!
- Haley, John and Mason, Millersville, MD
A great environment of disciplined learning without overdoing it in the children's classes, he pushed them just enough to get a quality training session; Tony is an excellent teacher to all the ages. Tony and his staff provided an environment my family felt comfortable in, learned well in, and excelled in training in.
- Brandon, Kelly, Sarah, Caitlin and Aaron, Ft. Meade, MD
Learning Goju-Ryu Karate has been a great experience for my son. He enjoys the variety of activities in class and is proud of what he has learned. And as a beginning adult student I am amazed at what I've been able to learn just with two days a week of practice. I am in much better shape than one year ago."
- John and David, Millersville, MD
Dear Sensei Tony,It is with sincere and heartfelt thanks that we wish to extend to you all our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the terrific improvements you have brought to the entire karate program at this location. The changes that occurred upon your taking over this school, renaming it, upgrading it, and making it something special and professional is to be commended.Joe began his karate training under the previous ownership in May of 2001 prior to beginning kindergarten that coming fall. He has kept at it since and as he moved up through the ranks it was becoming obvious that he was languishing and not progressing as we had expected of him. Progressing is not to be confused with acquiring new belts and stripes and such, but rather, acquiring greater knowledge and understanding of this discipline. Some of it was his lack of attention but an equal part was poor instruction. All that immediately changed upon your expertise and dedication to everything that occurs there now.Without going into the particulars of the previous experiences there, let it be said that from day one your professionalism, personality, and genuineness has shone brightly and is reflected back in turn by all the students that participate at the school. Every class that Joe attends is filled with relevant and productive training, exercise, and instruction.Many thanks to you and your instructors that help to make this school the classy one that it has become.
- Rick, Lore, and Joe
Hi Tony,
You know we all Love You. This school seems more like a very large family which Dominique and I love very much. Everyone here seem so close like families should be.
- Lisa, Millersville, MD