Little Ninjas

For Ages 3-4

Where our youngest students learn the very basics and get ready for school and life: learning to listen, pay attention, follow directions, take turns, and respect others. The youngest ones also develop large motor skills as well as confidence.  Even at this young age they are able to learn the most foundational aspects of Goju-Ryu karate.
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Golden Dragons

For Ages 5-6

Our five and six year olds are learning the important basics that lead toward success in school: trying hard, following directions, and respecting others. Golden dragons are still developing large muscles, but they’re also able to start working on fine motor skills as well.  Their accomplishments in karate result in increased self-esteem and confidence. They are learning the foundations of Goju-Ryu as well as setting the foundation for good character.
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For Ages 7-8

In the beginning we are developing strong bodies in order to effectively use karate. Warriors of Grace also trains students to develop those habits, attitudes and character traits which put others first. By impacting mind, body and spirit, we prepare students for success in all areas of life.
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For Ages 9-14

At this level students are able to learn more of the Okinawan Goju-Ryu curriculum, as well as build strength of character to stand up for others and what is right.
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For Ages 15+

In addition to everything else, our adult students learn patience and perseverance as much more precision becomes achievable and therefore required, especially at the higher ranks. We help people reach their potential through a curriculum that challenges physically mentally and spiritually, in a supportive community of fellow teachers and students, thereby becoming better spouses, parents, employees, community members and ultimately better people.  The courage developed in karate helps people do more with their lives than they thought possible.
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