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When: November 10th – 12th
Where: Warriors of Grace Karate School

Warriors of Grace Karate School is excited to announce Franco Sanguinetti Sensei will be visiting our school for a Gasshuku.

KobudoDetails coming soon. Please save the date.  And follow us here for more details soon.

About Sensei Sanguinetti
Okinawa Goju Ryu Nana Dan (7th Dan) and Matayoshi Kobudo Nana Dan (7th Dan), Sensei Sanguinetti is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Bushikan Budo Kyokai and the Matayoshi Kobudo Kodokan International with Honbu Dojo in San Diego. He is the West Coast Director for the Shorei Shobu Kan and instructor responsible for Kobudo. He is also a member of the Board of the International Directors for the Intercontinental Bujutsu Federation. He has been a member of the Peruvian and Venezuelan National Karate Teams. Sanguinetti Sensei spent 35 years representing and promoting the Matayoshi Family and the Kodokan Organization in Okinawa and worldwide.

He has trained in Karate and Kobudo for over 45 years. His Karate and Kobudo background includes intensive training in Japan and Okinawa where he continues to travel every year.

Where to Stay: Holiday Inn Express BWI West includes special group rate of $109.00 (plus 13% tax)
Special Events

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